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About Us

EMLC is a socially entrepreneurial charity dedicated to positively improving the lives of young people by improving the standard of leadership throughout the education sector. Established in 2002, we are the longest serving and most well respected provider of assessment of National Professional Qualifications. We pride ourselves that the support we offer to schools is always tailored to your particular needs.

Our long-standing partnership with the Department for Education has enabled us to play a crucial role in shaping the current provision for aspiring leaders so that it is relevant and impactful, making sure that participants have the tools and expertise to lead outstanding schools.

Through the delivery of NPQML, NPQSL, NPQH and NPQEL we support those wanting to further their knowledge and understanding at every point of their career; Middle Leadership, Senior Leadership; Headship; and Executive Leadership. In addition, we offer a supplementary range of high quality and effective development opportunities.

Our vast experience means that we are also the industry benchmark for assessing participants against leadership competencies, and have delivered assessment nationally on behalf of the National College for Teaching and Leadership since 2008. At all levels of qualifications we are the recognised experts, from registration through to moderation and feedback.

The EMLC team, from senior management through to our expert facilitators, is built of people who have dedicated their careers to furthering the improvement of young people’s education. Their unparalleled experience and dedication to excellence ensures quality of delivery across all our contributions to school improvement, whether by direct support or development of leaders.

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Our Approach

As a SME our business model is based on extensive use of partnerships and networks for information and delivery. EMLC supports teams, schools, MATs, and organisations to develop capacity from inside rather than through lengthy periods of external intervention. Our projects work towards leaving the necessary expertise with our partners to continue their work – in other words sustainability. At the beginning of a project we work with our customers to carry out capacity and capability audits to support them to identify those that will be able to lead into the future. As part of the process we help individuals and teams to develop the necessary skills to continue to improve after our involvement in the project.