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NPQML/NPQSL/NPQH/NPQEL cancellation and deferral policy Deferral of programme

Candidates may apply for a deferral in exceptional circumstances for example: Long term / family sickness*, bereavement*, maternity/paternity leave, or another exceptional reason.

Candidates must contact EMLC citing the reason for their deferral and you will be required to complete a deferral request form. Applications for deferring the start of a qualification need to be received 28 days prior to the communicated start date. Requests to defer from the qualification that has already commenced need to be received in writing as soon as possible and may be subject to additional conditions.
A deferral can be granted for a maximum of 12 months. Candidates who decide not to re-engage with their qualification will be subject to EMLC withdrawal terms. Candidates who defer and wish to repeat course content (including face-to-face events) may be required to pay additional charges.

Withdrawing from a NPQ

Candidates wishing to withdraw from a NPQ must provide reason(s) in writing and may be subject to charges and withdrawal fees.

Cancellation or deferral of Assessment

This document sets out the policy for NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH in regard to cancellation fees that may be invoked if participants or trainee head teachers cancel or re-arrange the submission of an assessment task or attendance of Face to Face assessments.

Cancellation fees

Should an individual fail to submit an assessment task or attend a specific NPQH face to face assessment except for extreme or unforeseen circumstances at the discretion of the EMLC and DfE, a cancellation fee will be levied. The table below sets out the applicable cancellation fees.

Activity not completed

21 days or fewer before submission

NPQML – submission of written task £75
NPQSL – submission of written task/s £75
NPQH – submission of written task/s £75
Task 3 and Final Assessment A firm booking for a graduation board place is made seven weeks before the board is due to take place.

A cancellation fee is payable if the trainee head teacher cancels his or her attendance at the event at any point without a valid reason, this includes the Assessment Centre cancelling as a result of the trainee head failing to complete and submit all the necessary proformas to the panel in accordance with the required timelines.

Within 3 weeks of the paperwork submission £395.00

The appropriate cancellation fee will be invoiced directly to the individual. The individual will be personally liable for paying the cancellation fee unless his/her head teacher or line manager informs EMLC that the school/organisation may be invoiced. Non-payment of any such costs may result in the individual’ not being permitted to submit their assessment tasks and they may be withdrawn from the programme.

Trainee Heads who have not paid any cancellation charges due to EMLC, will not be permitted to present for Final Assessment


  • i. Where a candidate has been informed that they have not met required standard for the programme they will receive written guidance for their development.
  • ii. They may resubmit their revised assignment within 6 months of the date of their notification that they have not passed.
  • iii. Only one resubmission is allowed for the project with which they have been involved. If they wish to re-take the qualification at a later date they must enter a new programme with a new project
  • iv. The cost of re-assessment will be charged to participants where there is a resubmission.

Please note that by participating in the programme you are agreeing to these charges.