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EMLC recognises that high quality leadership is fundamental to its success. Schools and academies need to be able to attract and retain staff of the highest calibre and EMLC offers a strategic, professional approach to recruitment in order to meet this need. We offer a sound framework for the recruitment and selection of leaders based upon the principles outlined below which meet all relevant employment legislation.

Core Principles

EMLC will seek to recruit the best candidate for the position based on merit. The recruitment and selection process will ensure the identification of the most suitable person. EMLC wishes to encourage the recruitment of staff with disabilities and will make reasonable adjustments to all stages of the recruitment process as required in order for a successful candidate with a disability to undertake the post.

EMLC recognises the need to treat people as individuals, and places positive value on diversity in the community and in the workforce.

EMLC ensures that the recruitment and selection of staff is conducted in a professional, timely and responsive manner and in compliance with current employment legislation.

EMLC will provide appropriate training, development and support to those involved in recruitment and selection activities in order to meet this core principle.

The EMLC Recruitment Process for appointing Principals

A conversation will take place to understand the requirements of the recruitment

Benchmarking Exercise for Executive Principals/Principals or potential Senior Leaders
As part of the EMLC Recruitment Process we ensure that there is high quality leadership in the academy and therefore as part of the recruitment process we undertake a Benchmarking Exercise. EMLC’s benchmarking process is a competency based approach.

Analyse the evidence
EMLC will consider all the evidence gathered from the Benchmarking Exercise and this will inform the interview process.


After the benchmarking has taken place, the Interview Panel will undertake a competency based interview to probe both the strengths and the gaps that have been identified as part of the Benchmarking Exercise.

The questions will also be linked to the Person Specification and Job Description for all Executive Principals/Principals.

All documentation relating to applicants will be treated confidentially in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA). Applicants will have the right to access any documentation held on them in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

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